LabelNest Analytics Manager

Analytics Manager™

Integrated with LabelNest Analytic Manager to offer dynamic pricing updates and secured marketing strategy with all time synchronised prices.

High speed RF transmission

Integrated label management software

Real time synchronisation of price and content management

Encrypted data transfer

Key Features

Price Management

Automate price synchronisation to enable staff to react to store price quickly

Regulate Stock Levels

Display inventory information like stock level in real time

Automation IoT

Integrate with people counters and digital signage for more data insights


Interface Http; Https
Compatible Browser - IE7 or Later
- Mozilla Firefox or Later
- Chrome Version 4.0 or Later
- Safari
User Levels 2 levels: Administrator, Standard User
Ethernet 10/100 Mb Ethernet
Time NTP, Adjustable time zone, automatic day light saving adjustments
Data Delivery TCP/IP
Database Type SQLite
Report Format csv, .xml, .txt
Data Storage 5 Years storage with auto sync
Data Backup Yes
Backup Frequency - Daily Full Backup for Data and Configuration File
- Weekly Backup to Sub Server for Contingency Purpose
Software Version Upgrade Auto Upgrade
LabelNest Analytics Manager Specification

Internationally Certified

The most scalable, the fastest, the most future-proof and reliable shelf-edge communication platform in the world, LabelNest is designed with leading retailers in mind, our electronic shelf labels are run by an enterprise class solution using a cloud server, offering the lowest cost of ownership of any other vendors.

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LabelNest Analytics Manager - CSA
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LabelNest Analytics Manager - Open Stack
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